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I do three things; cannabis consulting, real estate and cannabis real estate.

My consulting encompasses a few areas of specialty.

Cannabis banking: I am an expert trainer, lecturer, and content creator for financial institutions so that they can better understand the cannabis industry and better manage cannabis business accounts. I earned that position by prematurely (c. 2010) overtly banking cannabis cash with disastrous results. I am rabidly passionate about financial reform in cannabis. Largest financial institution I have presented to 60 B in assets. Please do not reach out to me if you are seeking to pitch your new financial service.

Second generation cannabis cultivator: I am a solver of scaling issues (both company and canopy) with extensive controlled environment cannabis cultivation experience (decades). I am extremely qualified to offer direction or audits of facility design, build-out, operations, SOP's. I can toggle from IPMS to cap rates or internal rates of return. So I bring a "bong room to board room", "camo's to cuff links" interchange-ability that is one of my core strengths. From terpenes to amperage's I understand the underpinnings, inputs and outcomes that are foundational to the regulated supply chain. I am conversant with production methods for all forms of cannabis delivery systems (dermal to vape tech), productization (wax, shatter, rosin, full sun terroirs, nano), production technologies (Koren Farming Method and Living Soil to falling film evaporators or liquid cooled LED lighting).

Real Estate: I am a Land Use & Zoning Expert with 19 + years real estate sales & finance experience (10 years licensed as a Realtor). I perform business or facility Due Diligence, Highest and Best Use Analysis, Business Valuation, Infrastructure Assessments, Permit Submission Services. As a consultant and assistant I am also a part of a 6 agent real estate team based in Healdsburg Sonoma County where I bring cannabis, land-use and zoning know-how. This team now has cannabis listings from "Laytonville to Watsonville" and together we work well with compliance consultants and cannabis attorneys to transact cannabis assets helping companies to grow and expand their holdings or shed non-core assets. We have experience with the concurrent transfer of real property and the interest in the state and local entitlements.

I am an Agricultural Technology aficionado & Cannabis bio-availability patent co-creator.