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Kyle Lisabeth has focused his career on developing strategies and programs that enhance water use and reuse efforts. He has been involved with several domestic and international ventures focused on industrial, municipal, and agricultural applications. His personal time equally supports conservation and environmental sustainability efforts related to river and watershed management.  Kyle joined Silver Bullet Water Treatment in 2016 as a member of the company’s research and develop team. As Silver Bullet expanded, Kyle established Silver Bullet’s Horticulture Division. Upon being appointed to the position of Silver Bullet’s Director of Operations and Business Development for the Horticulture industry, Kyle has exponentially grown the business unit’s install base, product portfolio and service offerings, as well as cultivated a nationally known water treatment brand for many controlled environment agriculture applications. His extensive knowledge and field experience in treated water for agriculture applications has led to Kyle becoming a leading voice in the industry, spurred research partnerships with Colorado State University, established collaboration with state regulatory bodies and industry organizations to establish regional Best Management Practices, and solidified relationships with several national and regional-based cannabis and leafy greens companies. Kyle attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a BS in Biology and Environmental Sciences.