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Stephanie Bozzuto is an insurance professional with 14 years’ experience in business development, marketing strategy, and insurance coverage analysis. Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Cannabis Connect Insurance, a partner of Acrisure LLC, one of the 10th largest insurance brokerages in the world and fastest growing in industry history. With program management skills, Stephanie has co-developed cannabis insurance product offerings and is utilized as a cannabis insurance expert for other Acrisure insurance brokerages throughout the Nation.
Stephanie speaks on multiple platforms and panels about insurance, loss prevention and compliance in the cannabis industry. She is a member of the Insurance and Cultivation Committee of the California Cannabis Industry Association, an Executive Board Member of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary of the Board for the San Diego Cannabis Industry Association, a board member of the Executive Board of the San Diego Cannabis Industry, and the Vice Chair of the Risk and Insurance Committee of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Stephanie stays on top of industry trends, legislative changes, and insurance coverages to keep her client’s interests first in mind. She has the expertise in setting goals, monitoring projects and evaluating results to ensure her client’s objectives are met. Stephanie Bozzuto is a proven leader who thrives on learning and takes great pride in her work.