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As an advisor, strategist, and expert in beverage innovation, I partner with founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and technical directors in shaping their vision for new beverages across all categories and flavors. My experience delivers time back to clients by quickly chasing solutions and prioritizing how best to launch their new innovation.

I am endlessly curious about what people choose to drink and eat - the relationship between discovering new food and beverage experiences and the moments those are shared. I am drawn to stories about connections made over new beverages, surprising flavors, and different ways to enjoy eating. In my 20 year professional career, I have helped bring global tastes and new eating rituals from across the globe to share with brands, and have seen technology change our access to new drinks and food while better understanding what they consume. I love building the future of beverage and food, and the role flavors play in bringing it all together.

I believe marketing and technical work best collaborating up front, and I seek that intersection pulling the two together. My foundation in engineering taught me how to solve complex problems, and I combined this discipline with marketing, using insight led design to nail concept-to-product fit. I want to create beverages people are excited about - that moment of discovery and delight are why I chase what’s next in beverage.