Ms. Jacqueline Ferraro


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I began my career in the corporate world over 15 years ago. At the time, I worked my way up through the ranks, within the light industrial staffing industry, as Account Executive to Vice President. Just about each year during that time, I volunteered on many political campaigns on all levels of government, including Congressional.  I began my work in the cannabis space in 2017, as an advocate in the Garden State.  Since then, I’ve advised clients on policy and strategy in New Jersey and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. I’m driven by the challenge of helping to promote good policy, and guiding aspiring license holders through the process. I maintain appreciation for the regulatory process, and hold a passion for this evolving movement. I also find fulfillment in connecting people together, when opportunities to strengthen potential partnerships emerge. I am looking forward to collaborating with peers, advising clients  and building professional relationships with leaders in our industry. Let me know how I can be helpful.