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Jeanine Moss is a product and brand development specialist who works closely with start-ups, innovators and agencies. She conceived of and tested new products for CPG companies like Kraft Heinz Company and Seven-Up, and advises Fortune 500 corporations like Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton and Hewlett Packard on launch strategy, brand positioning, messaging and go-to-market strategies. She is also a crisis communications specialist who has shepherded numerous organizations and brands through worldwide crises. She has addressed some of the most significant disruptions of our time including repositioning New York City’s tourism industry, propelling the technology revolution, and acting as Chief Communications officer for The September 11th Fund after the terrorist attacks. In addition, she has supported crisis operations for international non-profits like the American Red Cross, United Way of America, the U.S. Travel Association Pow Wow Convention, and the Department of Defense. As Chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Marketing & Advertising Committee, Jeanine leads a team of the nation’s most influential cannabis marketers who produced the industry’s first crisis communications manual.