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Maureen McNamara wants to live in a world where compliance is a smile inducing word and cannabis prohibition is as out of style as the rotary phone.


With 25+ years of professional training experience, Maureen is the Founder and Chief Facilitator with Cannabis Trainers™. She has led thousands of workshops and inspires cannabis industry professionals to create and sell products compliantly and professionally.  She has combined her skills and expertise with Food Safety and Responsible Alcohol Service into a comprehensive, engaging program to ensure the responsible, knowledgeable and safe sale of cannabis: Sell-SMaRT™.


The Sell-SMaRT™ program created by Cannabis Trainers was the first enforcement division and state health department approved program in the U.S. With the launch of on-demand computer based training, inspiring people to know the rules and never break them is readily available anytime/ anywhere.

As Chair and Chair Emeritus on NCIA's State Regulation Committee Maureen helps share information about state cannabis regulations across the country. 

Maureen and the team at Cannabis Trainers deliver highly interactive and compelling workshops with enthusiasm, humor and professional facilitation.


When she’s not empowering people to ensure the legal cannabis industry can move forward powerfully and compliantly, you can find her laughing with friends, debating the benefits of white chocolate vs. dark chocolate and pretending she’s flexible in yoga.