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Cannabis NewsHub powered by NewsBank, inc


Happy to be a member of NCIA -   I am looking forward to meeting other members and hope to connect.  My background with NewsBank spans 20 years and my focus is on news and information resources. NewsBank, inc. has been a premier information provider for almost 50 years.

I  hope to share my knowledge in the world of information and passion for learning about how news and information lead to trends and the way the Cannabis Industry is shaping up.

Cannabis NewsHub, powered by NewsBank, a  is the single source of comprehensive news and information for cannabis, hemp and marijuana.  Created specifically for industry professionals, it delivers current and retrospective coverage of the topics that drive innovation, change and growth in the space. Cannabis NewsHub aggregates licensed cannabis-related content from over 13,000 global, regional, national and local publications, including more than 60 industry-specific sources. Cannabis NewsHub brings reliable information in areas such as law, accounting, banking, finance, retail, transportation, social justice, real estate and more. 

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Happy to support the mission of NCIA - Lets Connect!