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InSpire Advanced Transpiration Solutions


Adrian Giovenco is a passionate engineer with over a decade of experience designing, selling and commissioning HVAC and process systems throughout North America. Recognizing that there is a knowledge gap around fully understanding plant transpiration rates and how they impact controlled environments, he founded InSpire to focus on Advanced Transpiration Solutions. InSpire’s purpose-built systems for horticulture allow for precise environmental control throughout the growing cycle and into dry/cure and process manufacturing. The benefits derived from InSpire's systems expertise include maximizing biomass, optimizing terpenes and cannabinoids, reducing operating costs, extending equipment life, and providing a significant reduction in risk correlated to crop failures. You can find InSpire online at or on Instagram at @inspire_transpiration. Adrian is an active member and past president of ASHRAE in Northern California, he sits on the Cal Poly SLO Mechanical Engineering HVAC&R Technical Advisory Council, and he currently serves on the NCIA Facilities Design Committee and the Resource Innovation Institute Technical Advisory Committee HVAC Working Group.