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How To Watch Pacquiao vs Spence jr Live Stream Online. The last time Manny Pacquiao wore hand wraps and boxing gloves against an opponent was back in 2019. July 20th, 2019. Manny became the WBA (Super) welterweight champion after defeating Keith Thurman by a split decision. During this time, Keith Thurman was the favorite, and yes, Manny not only won but also knocked down Thurman more than once during the bout.

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Spence also seems to be many people’s favorite in the anticipated bout against Manny, with various top boxers rooting for him. He last stepped in the ring on December 4th, 2020, against Danny Garcia. He also became a champion clinching the WBC and IBF welterweight titles in his last fight by unanimous decision. Both fighters are coming from winning illustrious titles, and the ground seems levelled judging by their previous fights. So when and where will the fight occur?


Before Pacquiao had confirmed to challenge Spence, he had retired from wrestling and joined politics, where he won the Philippine’s senator seat. However, after Manny Pacquiao confirmed and announced on his social media that he would be challenging his fellow champion in the ring, there has been a lot of excitement. Spence’s last fight was in December 2020. He was involved in a car crash and had been healing the facial injuries he sustained.

The long-awaited fight between these champions is set to happen on Saturday, August 21st . Although Pacquiao has won 62 out of his 71 fights, Spence has never lost in any of the 27 times he has fought. Actually, Spence winning in his last contest could be why he was matched with this world’s known boxer.

The fight will take place in Nevada, Las Vegas. Since it is a long-anticipated fight, most fans are expected to show up and fill the 65,000 seater arena.

However, the AT&T arena in Texas, which has a capacity of 80 000 seats, would have been the best for this event. The fight can’t be held in Texas because it is Spence’s hometown, so he will undoubtedly get most of the fans cheering him, which will be unfair to Pacquiao.

Pacquiao will make a guaranteed purse of $5 million when he wins against Spencer. This champion took home $120 million when he lost against Mayweather, while his opponent was awarded $180 million. It is anticipated that Pac-man might donate what he will get from this fight to charity, as he always does.

Although Pacquiao lost in his last fight to Mayweather, Mayweather told BoxingNews24 that this man is still powerful.


You will not have any reason to miss the big fight as Pay-per-view will bring it to you live.  It is easy to watch the game. Visit, which will take you to the site. If you are a new fan, you will be asked to sign up first.

Long-time fans who have watched fox sports before will just need to log in to their subscription and catch every bit of the bout. You can also catch the developing stories and where the boxing will be aired.

Errol Spence seems the favorite ahead of schedule, but Pac-man remains the personification of contradiction of boxing embodied in one person. This known champion has more years of experience, although he has not fought for two years now. A little practice for him is enough. It is hard to predict the outcome for these two, so the best we can do is to wait for the D-day patiently. Although Pacquiao has been in the game for longer, we can’t wait to see who carries the championship home

Fox Sports PBC PPV

Managed by Al Haymon, Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) is a known boxing broadcaster in the United States. PBC was first known when it struck a deal with NBC in March 2015. Since then, it got the opportunity to collaborate with extensive television networks like ABC, CBC, and Fox.

PBC’s name continued growing, and by 2018, they had made deals with major television broadcasters like Fox Sports and Showtime. Rights fees were also included in the agreement.

Pay-per-view’s first significant event was in September 1981, when Sugar Leonard and Thomas Hearns competed for the Welterweight championship. After announcing that they would show the event live, they got many customers paid to watch the fight live.

Nine years later, PPV became more famous after big television broadcasters like HBO and Showtime started showing movies through it. After the long-term deal between Showtime and Fox Sports, these significant networks agreed that they would also be airing the PPV events shown through Premier Boxing Champions. Since then, these outlets offer Pay-per-view events until today.

It was this partnership that led to the dawn of Fox Sports PBC PPV. Many United States citizens have appreciated this new broadcaster, and they will use it to broadcast the big fight.


Since the announcement of the fight, many fans have shown interest in attending. The prices are expected to be very high, ranging between $760 and $9500. These rates are for the ringside seats, and since many people want to be close to the ring, the tickets might be sold out within a short time.

You can purchase them through ticket sales companies like Ticketmaster, StubHub, or AXS. They will also be available at the venue box office.

The tickets are relatively costly, but it’s a big game, right. Fox PBC PPV is likely to generate a lot of income from this event.

PPV is also expected to make significant sales considering the many fans that will be streaming the show.

Final words

Spence won the IBF belt in May 2017, and he has been defending it since then. Although Manny Pacquiao has been to more fights than his 31-year old opponent, he should be careful when dealing with this champion. Spencer has a height advantage over Manny, who is faster and older than him. This will be the world’s biggest fight because it is between champions.