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10 apps to train your brain

Due to the huge flow of information that we have to pass through ourselves every day, our brain needs periodic shaking. We've hand-picked 10 apps that are the perfect brain booster.

Schulte table

The use of the Schulte table for several decades has been considered one of the most effective ways to train and develop peripheral visual perception. Classic tables provide for arbitrary placement of letters or numbers on a square field, which must be folded in a certain order: descending or ascending.

The Schulte Tables application will help you master the speed reading technique as quickly as possible, teach you to concentrate and isolate basic information. Multiple table sizes, an intuitive interface and effective attention training in one simple application.

Lumosity mobile

Lumos Labs celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. One of the most influential platforms for the development of intelligence today has an audience of over 70 million. The entire set of exercises that Lumosity offers is available both from the web interface and as an application for mobile platforms.

As a training, the user is offered more than 20 different games in the mobile version of the application and more than 40 when logging in through the browser version of the portal. Games for the development of logic, memory, perception, orientation - Lumosity affects almost all departments of brain activity. If you are looking for a massive brain shake and are ready to exercise regularly, Lumosity will take some investment.

Access to an impressive list of educational assignments is distributed on a subscription basis. So, a monthly subscription will cost 899 rubles, and an annual subscription - 4,790 rubles. But if you really want to reorganize your brain activity and put things in order in your own head, the expediency of these costs is justified.

Of the shortcomings of Lumosity, one can only note the lack of Russian support, but basic knowledge of English will be enough to work with the application.


The PEAK brain training complex was included by Apple in the list of the best apps of the last year. PEAK's functionality is very similar to Lumosity. Immediately after launch, you will be asked to select the aspects of training that interest you, after which you can start a dense brainstorming session.

The PEAK series of educational games offers 25 puzzles divided into several categories. Focus is a series of exercises for interacting with shapes: sorting, matching, and isolating them. Agility - puzzles that require quick decisions and cause a certain brain embarrassment. Problem solving - a series of puzzles in which special emphasis was placed on working with numbers and geometric shapes. Memory - 7 exercises to train your memory and work with cards. Language - provides for the development of skills for quick selection of words, pairing, searching for words among the letter grid (support for English only).


As an ardent online Sudoku fan, I've been looking for a really handy app for a long time that allows you to click the number puzzle with maximum comfort. My search ended when I (quite by accident) discovered the Web Sudoku in the Android Market. In my opinion, this is the best free online Sudoku program ever created by mankind. Automatic color highlighting of numbers, pencil, unlimited undo, several types of prompts, automatic filling of possible candidates - this is just an incomplete list of functions of this excellent application. The game is available in paid and free versions, the free one allows you to solve one puzzle per day for each difficulty level.

Brain +

The Brain + app offers a more lively interface than its main competitors. You will come across not only minimalistic vector graphics and simple puzzles, but also real characters and full-fledged mini-games. The whole training process is built on an interactive component. As an exercise for the development of memory, you will be offered real life situations in which you will need to remember the names of several interlocutors. For the development of logical thinking, the method of rationalization is used - finding the optimal path from one object to another.

In addition to training, Brain + includes a powerful statistical component that informs about training quality. The Science section offers a number of articles explaining the need for regular training of human brain activity. Alas, all articles are still exclusively in English, although the application itself has already been localized for Russian.


Nobody said that learning would be easy. Immediately after launching the Elevate application, you will have to pass a three-minute test to determine your abilities. Knowledge of English is required, since the conditions of all assignments and questions will be on it. The development of cognitive skills, including attention, memory, mathematical abilities, the ability to analyze and concentrate, are the priority areas of the application.

Elevate offers over 30 different exercises in a fun way. The user can independently plan daily workouts, and Elevate will remind you to exercise at a specific time. Comprehensive statistical information will help you identify weaknesses in the work of your brain and select workouts that can close such gaps.

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