5 Natural Products to Combat Stress and Anxiety in Working Moms

By jack Larson posted 12-17-2020 11:39:18 PM


“It’s a man’s world” – that’s how the saying goes. Women have worked tirelessly to change this status quo, but overall, it’s still the women – wives and mothers – who are the primary caregivers of the children. This means that women juggle full-time jobs, running a home and caring for their children. They are round-the-clock nannies, nurses and teachers while holding down high-end jobs. 

The modern lifestyle also means we have our emails on our cell phones and are expected to be on 24-hour call. This leads to an enormous amount of stress and anxiety in the life of the modern woman. What can women do, without taking prescription drugs, to combat the effects of this stress? 

CBD Honey Sticks

The delicious CBD Honey Sticks are natural snacks that are a combination of two of nature’s most valuable assets. CBD is known for its ability to enhance sleep and combat stress and anxiety. 

Honey, known to be a natural anti-inflammatory (great for tight muscles), antihistamine (great for Asthma or Hay fever that is exacerbated by stress) and antibiotic (great for the immune system placed under pressure by too much stress) and. 

This product from is one of the top choices for stressed moms, and the fact that they taste great is a bonus too. Women are more inclined to internalize their stress, which means it is more likely to manifest in a more physical manner.

Chamomile tea 

Chamomile is another of nature’s calming herbs and is readily available in the form of a tea, which can be consumed shortly before bedtime. It has been proven to be helpful in most of the disorders that are synonymous with anxiety, such as insomnia, tummy troubles (irritable bowel syndrome), pain and inflammation in the muscles (muscle spasms) and even ulcers. 

Many women have found that chamomile tea, with a teaspoon of honey, taken before bed, will do wonders for better sleep and all the benefits that go with that. 

Lavender plant

Lavender has long been known as a calming herb and can be used in many forms. You can crush the leaves and place them into a little pouch under your pillow so that every time you move, the fragrance is released. 

You can also try crushing some leaves and putting them into your bath water, then lie back in the tub to enjoy some time out, breathing in the calming aroma while you relax. The fact that many baby bath products and baby powder are infused with lavender is proof that its relaxing effects on the body are common knowledge. 


The daily lives of working moms are extremely busy and we live at such a fast pace, but every mom would benefit from a bit of time working out. The movement increases oxygen-rich blood flow into tired muscles and releases much-needed endorphins. The resultant surge of energy and positivity makes it completely worth it. 

You can choose a class such as spinning, or HIIT, or swim a few laps of the pool at the gymnasium. Whatever form of exercise you choose, try to take out time and make thirty minutes, three to four times a week, to ensure maximum benefit.


In our fast-paced modern lives, this must be one of the most difficult forms of stress release, purely because it requires us to be still and clear our minds. Despite being very difficult, meditation must be one of the very best ways to de-stress. 

Yoga usually goes hand in hand with meditation, so it might be an idea to look up your local Yogi to help you get started on the basics. “Emptying” the mind takes a special technique, but once accomplished, the benefits are enormous – a bit like a human version of the Etch a Sketch, where you get to wipe the slate clean regularly. 

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